Eben-ezer Day Awards

The primary aim of the award is to demonstrate the Church’s recognition and appreciation of the contributions of members who excel in various activities of the Church. It is also aimed at motivating or inspiring other members to strive to attain the same or even higher standards of excellence through selfless commitment, devotion and sacrifice to the work of Osu Eben-Ezer.

Name Cell Phone #
Mrs. Ruby Dagadu 0244651814
Mrs. Catherine Asirifi 0277540111
Mr. Bisa Bannerman 0244892707
Mr. Emmanuel Fornyikpor 0244646247
Mr. Heiric Newman 0201673717
Mrs. Georgina Thompson 0244629469
Ms. Freda Odame 0541123406
Mr. E. Amatei Akuete 0242108022
Mr. Charles Sagoe 0208168489/ 0244473847
Mrs. Catherine Tagoe 0244876200
Mr. Emmanuel Attoh 0244571281
Mr. Elison Akuffo 0242254198

The Eben-Ezer Day celebration will consider the following awards:

  1. Karl Epting: (Here the emphasis is on meritorious service of the highest order in various areas of church activity, irrespective of years of service).
  2. Rev. Nicholas T. Clerk:(minimum of 20 years in leadership roles in various church activities)
  3. Katherine Mulgrave Zimmerman: (those who distinguish themselves in OEPC and in addition may have won National and/or International awards, thus raising high the flag of OEPC)
  4. Robert R Bannerman: (leadership/community service and youth related activities and must have served as role models for their peers)

Nominees should be OEPC members in good standing who had consistently made a positive impact on the church through voluntary service and have a demonstrated commitment of service in various activities in the church. All nominees must also be of high moral character. Nominations are now open for the 2019 Eben-Ezer Day Awards. If you would like to nominate a member for these awards please complete the following form. [Forms can be accessed at the Church Premises on Sunday’s, the Church office during working hours or on www.osueben-ezer.com ]
Submissions due by the close of 3RD JULY 2019

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Nominee’s Information

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