Reservation and Payment Schedule

The Hirer shall pay a non-refundable reservation fee being 25% of the applicable hiring rate prior to the temporary confirmation by the Owner of the reservation date. Reservation is only confirmed upon full payment. Confirmation must be made at least 28 days in advance of the scheduled function. Failure to make full payment before this deadline shall constitute a cancellation of the booking and temporal confirmation date and forfeiture of the reservation fee.

The use of the Church Hall for fee charging activities shall attract an additional fifty percent (50%) of the normal hiring rates. There shall be no tentative bookings without payment of reservation fee provided that where the Hirer at the time of payment indicates that the date booked shall not be treated as the final reservation date, that date shall be treated as a ‘blocked date’ and shall be confirmed and fully paid at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the blocked date failing which the reservation fee shall be forfeited and the reservation shall be deemed to be cancelled. (Blocking of the facility a day ahead of confirmed booking shall be subject to its availability. Such blocking shall attract a half day’s rate).

By mutual agreement, an event shall be relocated to another facility within the premises at no extra cost.

By mutual agreement, an event shall be relocated to another facility within the premises at no extra cost. All requests for cancellation and/or rescheduling of reservation shall be in writing and shall be addressed to the Manager. The following terms shall apply:-

  • Refund of 50% of the applicable charges for cancellation made more than 21 days prior to the event.
  • • Refund of 25% of the applicable charges for cancellation made between 7-21 days prior to the event.
  • Refund of 10% of the applicable charges for cancellation made less than 7 days prior to the event.
Any forward rescheduling of a booking shall attract a surcharge of 25% of the applicable hiring rate payable before the booking for the new date shall be made.

Hours of Use

The hours hired are inclusive for the setting up, decorations, the holding of the anticipated event, and the vacation of the facility and premises of the Church Hall. The Hirer shall not be entitled to enter the facility before the time indicated unless with the express permission in writing of Management. Management shall in respect of any occupation by the Hirer or any agent or persons attending or purporting to attend the Hirer’s event and at anytime after the scheduled hours for the surrender of the premises be entitled to remove the applicant and all and any of its guests at the cost of the Hirer and to be surcharged to the Hirer. In the event that that Hirer intends an event to go beyond the scheduled hours the Hirer will be surcharged for the additional

Facility Decorations and Set Up

The applicant only sets up and decorates during the times of rental unless agreed to the contrary. No decorations shall be placed on the premises unless Management shall first have been provided with details of the decoration and the Hirer has received Management approval for decoration. Management reserves the right to keep all prior facility decorations in place. All decorations shall be removed by the Hirer immediately at the end of the function.

Shutting Down an Event

An event or function may be terminated for failure to observe any rules or regulations. Fights, vandalism or unacceptable behaviour occurring during an event shall cause immediate termination of the event with no refund of the reservation fees.


Applicants shall be entirely responsible for the security of any item introduced onto the premises inclusive of car park, washroom facilities and any part of the premises during every function.

Damage to Property

The Hirer shall remain liable to Management for all and any damage or loss to the facility, chattel or equipment. The Hirer shall reimburse fully and without any right of refusal for all costs incurred by the owner in repair or the replacement of the damaged chattel, object, structure or property howsoever described.

Special Note

The Hirer shall not cause the name of the Church Hall to be used for any advertising without approval in writing from Management provided that the Hirer shall where the premises is intended to be mentioned in any advertisement shall provide Management with a copy of such intended advertisement at least seven (7) days prior to the circulation of the advertisement. Management shall examine such advert and determine within two (2) days of receipt of such advert whether to approve or otherwise the inclusion of the name in such advert provided that Management shall not unreasonably withhold consent.